Sustainable land management practice for livelihood improvement – project


Project name: Sustainable land management practice for livelihood improvement – project

Project Period: January 1st 2019 to December 31st 2020.

Ultimate long-term goal: Contribute to the creation of sustainable livelihood source for farmers through promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Activity Description: main activities of the project are improving the soil nutrient level to insure sustainability of the agricultural practice and protecting the biomass. The two main categories of implementation are:


  1. Soil Nutrient management practices and livelihood diversification: the activity is planned to improve the agricultural productivity of framers in sustainable manner. Soil nutrient management activities will be promoted among 450(150 female) farmers to eliminate usage of chemical fertilizer to maintain soil fertility.


  1. Enhancing the environmental protection practice by involving 2,800 small holder farmers in sustainable land management activities. The planned activities include biological and physical rehabilitation of degraded lands.


Implementation area: Omonada, Tiroafeta and Kersa woredas of Jimma zone of Oromiya regional state

Donor: This project is supported by SOS faim

Getachew Kebede
Getachew Kebede
Project Coordinator
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