High performing sustainable organization

  • Income-generating activities to support programs costs;
  • Strengthen monitoring, evaluation, and learning system; document best practices to increase the visibility of the organization;
  • Develop HR development guideline and structure to enhance a good working environment for the staff;

Sustainable Land Management and Conservation:

  • Natural resource management and development;
  • Promote integrated soil fertility management (crop rotation, fallowing, promotion of organic and green fertilizers, etc);
  • Promote/improve agroforestry and area closure;

Promote Innovative Agricultural Practices:

FC will promote innovative agricultural practices in the project areas with the aim of changing household food security through enhancing productivity, improving soil fertility, promoting small-scale irrigation, and creating awareness on sustainable land management & natural resources. It will do this through the following major interventions:

  • Farmers’ learning groups
  • Change in production and productivity
  • Crops (agricultural inputs like organic fertilizer, improved seeds, mechanization, etc.)
  • Animal husbandry (promotion of fodder, Artificial Insemination, cut and carry system …)
  • Post-harvest management (threshing, storage, etc)
  • Promotion of agricultural marketing and value chain
  • Small scale irrigation development

Cross-cutting issues:

  • Inclusion of gender, youth, and disabilities; in project design, implementation and reporting;
  • HIV/AIDs, family planning (FP);
  • Promotion of nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation;

Promotion of Child Protection and Development:

To change the lives of children through the protection of their rights and availing quality education to them starting from their formative ages;

  • Child Right Promotion
    • Create forums to raise awareness on national and international covenants
    • Nurture positive cultural values that favor children
  • Child Protection from
    • Different forms of abuse and exploitation, harmful traditional practices
    • Abuse in the unsafe school environment (create safe school environment)
  • Child Development
    • Promoting early childhood education
    • Promoting access to quality primary education
    • Promoting nutrition and proper feeding
    • Life skills training (meaningful child participation)
  • Response and Rehabilitation
    • Support vulnerable children and rehabilitate from street life and different forms of child rights violations
    • Support survivors of sexual violence
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