Birmadu Folle Project

Project name:-Birmadu Folle Project

Project Period: 2015-2019

Activity Description: Women’s Capacity Enhancement through SHG Approach, Child Development, Education, Skill Training, Household Food Security and Value Chain Promotion.

Target Beneficiaries:-Vulnerable children and Landless youth, Rural low income Women’s and Household farmers.

Region/s (where the project is implemented):-Oromia

Zone/s:-South west Shoa zone

Woreda/s:-Becho, Dawo and Saden Soddo.

Kebele The project is being implemented in six kebelles of the wereda namely Urago Tede, Bebeli Debegna, Soyama Genji, Keta Insilale, Lencha Kesheme, Kobo, Awash Bune, Simbiron Chiracha, Deka Guda (Becho), Kersa Ada’I Galute, Nano Gebrel, Gombisa Kusaye, Kusho, Ulma Busa (Dawo),  Molahun Seriti, Ale Abeba, Legay Aleltu, Tole Dalota, Gidano Dalota, Mudena Ebayu, Urago Kelecha, Illo (Saden Soddo)

Tafa Yadate
Tafa Yadate
Project Coordinator
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Tullu Bollo


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