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Facilitator for Change is a national resident child-centered community development organization without religious, political or government affiliation. FC was established in 1998 and reregistered in 2009 following the new proclamation.  FC's thematic programs are categorized under three major pillars with numerous child based community development projects under it. These are: Women Capacity Enhancement through SHG, Child Development, Education and Skill training and HH Food Security and Value Chain Development. It also treats Gender, DRR, WASH, HTPs and FP as cross cutting issues.


To see resilient and prosperous community in Ethiopia


Empower the community for self-reliance and sustainable development that ensure a safe environment for children and disadvantaged groups through respecting their rights, adoption of modern technologies and models.



Professionalism: Professionalism includes aspiring for excellence in doing things, demonstrating competence in the work we do, and ensuring accountability.

Participation: FC promotes community participation and ownership in all the things it does, works with and through community structures at all levels of the project cycle, and during inception and designing of programs.  Participatory monitoring and evaluation and joint project review is also a critical element of FC in its operations.

People/planet Centered: FC, in all its engagements, shall give due respect to people, and shall put the rights of children, women and disadvantaged groups, and the community and the planet they belong, at the center of its operations.

Proactive: FC will give an open eye and adopt new technologies and ideas, be proactive to take new initiatives to promote the wellbeing of our people as well as to realize our vision, mission, and values.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FC located?

FC has a headquarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; FC has Eight project offices at Jimma, Dimtu and Tulubollo in Oromia National regional state, and Debre Markos, Bure, Sekela, Mertulemariyam and Wore Ilu at Amhara national regional states. FC also has satellite offices in each of the the districts where it works.

Where does FC work?

Currently (in 2019), FC has been implementing a number of community development projects in Oromia and Amhara National Regional States at 23 districts (JImma town, Kersa, Omo Nada, Tiro Afeta, Becho, Dawo, Saden Sodo, Seka Chekorsa and Manna Districts of Oromia region, and Debre Markos Town, Gozamin, Basoliben, Bure Zuria, Wonberma, Jabi Tehnan, sekela, wore ilu, enebdie sar mider, Mechekel and sinan Districts of Amhara region.

Who supports FC?

FC secures its financial support from a number of partners in Europe. Currently, the major funding partners are; Menschen für Menschen (MfM) , Inter Church Cooperation for Development Association(ICCO), Kindernothilfe (KNH), Kinder Unserer Welt (KUW), PACKARD Foundation, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), SOS FAIM, and International Organization for Migration . We also obtain various supports from the governmental, the community and the staffs. FC program and administration expenses in 2019 totaled more than 50 million ETB.

Where do my donations go?

The majority of our donors want their funds to be used wherever the need is greatest which the interest of FC is also. This commonality in interest allows both parties to discuss to use resources with sufficient flexibility as efficiently as possible. FC's financial records are available to the public. Seventy percent of our expended resources support program activities. Thirty percent or less of expended resources go toward administrative expenditures. We conform to the highest accounting and financial standards. Facilitator For Change (FC). 2017 Copyright Reserved. Developed by: Ch.A.

Is my donation restricted to one region?

Is my donation restricted to one region? Donations to FC go to support our community development programs in the two regions of the country. This gives us the flexibility to channel funds to wherever the needs are greatest.

How can I work for FC?

Job opportunities (for Ethiopians Only), including short-term consulting openings, can be found in our FC news section. In order to recruit competent staffs, positions requiring professionals are advertised through newspaper and websites.

Does FC offer financial assistance or grants?

FC is not a funding agency and therefore does not provide financial support directly to individuals or organizations. Instead, FC works in partnership with governments, organizations, and communities to create lasting solutions to poverty.

Does FC provide scholarships?

No, FC does not provide scholarships or student loans. FC is not a funding agency and, therefore, does not provide financial support directly to individuals or organizations.

Why doesn't FC work in other regions of Ethiopia?

While FC is concerned with poverty and marginalization everywhere, its mission is to work with children, youth and mothers of the targeted communities through getting them organized in groups, creating institutional linkages and enhancing their capacities to overcome social and economic problems facing children and in the long-term become owners of their local development. We strive to address the structural barriers to overcoming poverty in the country. Therefore, based on the available funds and needs raised, FC has a greatest potential to extend its intervention to other regions of Ethiopia.

I am having technical difficulties with your website.

Please report FC Web site technical errors to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I obtain an information packet on FC?

Contact us by phone at +251 11 6621438, or via mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Facilitator for Change, Addis Ababa, Djibouti street, on the way from 22 Mazoria to Bole Medhanealem, or via www.fce-eth.org

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