Annual honey marketing and learning Event conduct

Feb 8/2016

To accelerate participation of women in the honey value chain and improve the level of coordination among stakeholders to ensure cost effectiveness, sustainability and scaling up of results, annual Honey value chain development project marketing and learning event was conducted with participation of chain actors in Bahir Dar Town.


The event will also generate specific results in

  • Promoting participation of women in the honey value chain.
  • Fostering strong collaboration and synergy between input suppliers, honey producers, honey processors, exporters, local traders, microfinance service providers, extension service providers, government stakeholders and other likeminded institutions.
  • Establishing business partnership between women honey producers and traders
  • To market FC and Oxfam contribution towards enhancing the position of women and the existing honey value chain in the region.
  • To share best practices and learning’s for adaptation and scale up.

In the event the following stakeholders and likeminded organization are participated

  • Women Honey producers
  • International and Local NGOs working in value chain Development
  • Producer organization: Zembaba union, Mesert Hiwote, Agunta, Anedente and Adisalem primary bee product and marketing cooperatives from Awi Zone, West Gojam Zone and south Gondar Zone.
  • Input suppliers: Eshet Agricultural input supplier, Tana transport p.l.c and amanual beekeeping and supplier
  • Honey retailers
  • Government stakeholders

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Honey Market and Learning Event



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