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Sunday, 08 December 2013 13:10

Integrated Functional Adult Education (IFAE), formely known as IFAL is one of the subcomponents under the education and skill training program of FC. This sub-program is being implemented in almost all projects and more than 3000 adults (women & Men) have attended the IFAE/FAE program at the end of 2013. Assabe Ejigu, a 28 years old woman who lives in Wadra rural village of Bure zuria Woreda has benefited from the IFAL intervention significantly. Her families are illiterate and poor, as a result she had not accessed to basic education. When 11 she was offered for marriage to over aged man. However, she didn’t stay longer with him. After a short stay with her parents she forced to get another marriage, though again divorced later. Whenever Assabe was asked to sign her name on documents, she used to regret highly for her inability to decipher a single letter of her name to sign. Consequently she kept a copy of her name on a piece of paper in her wallet, to copy when necessary. When in 2008 Building Better Future for Children project started integrated functional adult literacy/Education program with SHG & FMO members, she became active paticipant of the program and became capable of reading, writing and calculating simple arithmetic. Moreover, she is engaged in different income generating activities such as fattening, poultry production, and petty trade activities. Now she has developed a good communication skill, and also witnessed that the program really has brought a valuable change in her life,As she indicated the change is because the literacy program is given in integration with other life skill trainings.


Assabe is serving in the education committee of her cluster level association (CLA) and is promoting IFAE to her colleagues. Following the changes observed in her life, three of her friends which were not a member of SHG have joined the IFAE program. Currently she is committed to fight illiteracy and to become a role model for women in her locality.
 Generally radical changes have been observed in the lives of IFAE participants who attended  it in FC’s Families for children, Oljedha, Birmadu Folle, Hohite Tibeb and Building Better Future for Children projects. Some of the changes include but not limited to; improved plan of living, improved family management, time consciousness, improved inter and intra-family relationships, improved social interaction, improved saving culture, improved skills in terms of accomplishing daily tasks, improved perceptions and practices on teamwork and changed attitude towards labeled activities such as pottery making and smiths. Also people who were not able to decipher a single letter are now able to read and write and calculate simple arithmetic.



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