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Finote Hitsanat Integrated Community Development Project (FHICDP)

Finote Hitsanat Integrated Community Development Project (FHICDP) is one of   a Facilitator for Change (FC) rural project which have been starting January 1 /2014 in the Amhara Regional State of East Gojjam  Zone  Sinan and Machakel districts.  


Overall objective of the project:

The socio-economic status of vulnerable and disadvantaged women, farmers and youths improved for the wellbeing of children through integrated community development.

Target areas of the project

  • Children
  • Youths(landless and unemployed )
  • Destitute  and vulnerable women
  • Farmers
  • Staffs of stake holders

we have been  working on the three main pillars of the  project(women capacity enhancement through SHG approach, child development ,education & skill training  and  house hold food security  & value chain promotion) and other cross cutting issue which is doing  by mainstreaming with other components  to create safe working environment.

A.  women capacity enhancement  through  SHG approach

The project  working organized poor of poor mothers under SHG to improve their social , economical and personal performance within the family and community. By building their capacity through  organized training and exposure visit based  on their  gaps. In addition to that  facilitating and providing vocational skill training. and improve their saving culture through their weekly meeting , saving and discussion program within the group. Create awareness on additional income creating through engaged on various IGAs  by getting loan from their respective self help groups(SHGs).Total saving 82,065.00 birr and total capital 119,610 .00birr

B. Child development ,education and skill training

The project has been working  under this pillar  contribute  to  improve the  quality of basic education through creating conducive class rooms, full fill basic infrastructures, refresh teachers capacity  and ensure child participation at school and village level  clubs through their  groups, so we are established  and strengthen  20 village level  child SHGs and 35 school clubs respectively .and creating  jobs for  29 unemployed and land less  youth though organized in the group and identified market able fields within the community  based on their need  supported by CBTC(Community Based Training Committee organized by the project at each kebele)  at project intervention  kebeles   and implemented Integrated Functional Adult Education (IFAE) with in the six center and 42 circle on the two districts to be improved   livelihoods of the community through enhancing  indigenous knowledge and skills. Totally the project starting , 6  primary schools additional class construction, with infrastructures  like water, toilet, and...,6 early childhood education centers construction and supporting tutorial class at six schools.

C. House hold food security and value chain promotion

The project has been working  under this pillar   with  small holder farmers to improve their production and productivity through organized under FLG(Farmers Learning Groups) to adopt new technology and diversify their  income in addition to  agricultural activities ,to practice off farm activities within their community and ensure  house hold food security throughout the year. and increasing their participation in the market through promotion of farmers’ marketing organization by applying the value chain. 

currently  organized 17 FLG within the intervene peasant association(PA) and working various activities to improve their livelihoods like improving saving culture, multipurpose tree planting , 10 Hectares  of degraded land rehabilitated within the biological system, prepared  three nerssery site for demonstration  to new verity( vegetables and fruits) within the group and individually. Total saving 35,093.00birr and total capital 47,990.00birr.




Finote Hetsanat Integrated Community Development Project(FHICDP)

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