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Birmadu Folle Project

Facilitator for Change (FC), Birmadu Folle Project operates in Oromia Regional State in the three adjacent districts of South West Shawa Zone, namely, Becho, Dawo and SadenSodo (conventionally known as the Busa-Harbu Belt that extends from tip of Dawo District/Qarsaa/ to Saden-Soddo District/Acheber/ for about 80 km following the all whether road of Busa-Tulu Bollo-HarbuChulule-Acheber). The area covers 1,354 kilometer square. It has the total population of about 229,044 with density of 67 household per square kilometer. The economically active age group accounts for 50% of the total population while children group up to 15 years is 45% and the remaining 5% is above 64 years and dependent. Nearly all members of the Belt are engaged in agriculture and the main economic activity is mixed farming.

The project launched in January 2005 in collaboration with its major donors Kindernothilfe (KNH) and Interchurch Organization for Development Co-operation (ICCO). The project started its operation in the area with the goal of creating conducive environment for child growth and development by improving the income of vulnerable farming families. To this end, the project divided the intervention activities into three intervention areas that considered the major ways to tackle the main problems of the community. These are:-Women capacity enhancement through SHG approach, Alternative Basic Education and Food Security and value chain promotion. With a joint participation of the project and the beneficiaries targeted and other stakeholders toward the attainment of the set objectives of uprooting poverty from the Belt thereby to ensure the creation of a sustainably enabling environment for the healthy growth and development of the children.

The first phase of the project covers the years 2005 up to 2009 while the second phase covers the years 2010-2014. In the two phases many integrated activities that were targeted and implemented to improve the lives of children and their families.Birmadu Folle project is able to address the problems of the community in general and children in particular by organizing community in to groups and cooperatives, providing capacity buildings and awareness rising, creating education access, safe and friendly environment for children.


The project had constructed 12 alternative basic education centers in its first phase of the project that created access to education for more than 8501 children where 48% are female. In the second phase of the project, the centers have been upgraded to formal first cycle primary schools and handed over to the community and government.  Moreover, Six Centers upgraded to 2nd cycle primary schools.


Women empowerment through Self Help Group (SHG)

FC in its endeavor to empower women had been promoting the SHG approach in the operational area since 2005.  In the two previous phases of the project, the project had established more than 100 SHGsand 15 CLAs which have about 1800 member women.TheSelf Help Group promotion has brought significant improvement in economic and social life of involved vulnerable women.These SHGs have become vibrant community organizations which can address the needs of children and fight –harmful traditional practices (HTPs) that affect children and women through technical supports, and various capacity building provided by the project.Moreover, SHGs are also playing vital role in local development by participating and motivating the local communities like in environmental protection, rural road construction and functional adult literacy. Through this component 9540 children are benefited.

Farmers Marketing Organization (FMOs)

In order to improve the income of households by improving their productivity through farm diversification and linkage to appropriate market via value chain, FC had been promoting FMOs since 2005. So far it had established 23 autonomous FMOs that are voluntarily united to meet members’ common economic, social and cultural need and aspiration. These farmers’ organizations are recognized by Cooperative Promotion Agency as marketing service provider cooperative society and gained legal entity.

The 23 FMOs have total members’ of 2,537 of which 1,762 are male and 775 are female. Female membership and leadership status is 30% and 14% as of December, 2014 respectively.

These cooperatives have formed second level cooperative namedHandhuraBecho cooperative union where the farmers’ products are bulked in quantity; value addition on their products takes place and market linkage share developed. Currently, the union is supplying quality teff for Addis Ababa consumers association and chickpea & peas for Agro-industries through value chain linkage. Under this component 5175 children benefited indirectly


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