Application guideline for Micro Project Fund 2020

Facilitators for change is (FC) a local nongovernmental organization established in 1998. FC collaborated with Kindernothilfe e.V. (KNH), a German-based child-focused NGO, to support small and innovative projects of indigenous NGOs through a program named Micro Project Fund for Community Development Projects.


Project name: Catchment based livelihood improvement project in wore Ilu woreda

Project Period: November 1, 2018- October 30 2023

Activity Description:

The major project activities are

Introduction of improved agricultural practices and farm diversification: This component plans organizing farmers into Farmers Learning Groups (FLGs), promoting improved agronomic practices, high value fruits and vegetables. It also works for improvement of soil fertility through compost, promotes forage development and animal fattening. It works for improvement of Local Breeds & Dairy Development, poultry management of the target community and livestock Health Improvement. In addition, it introduces improved Honey production and promotes market linkage

Environmental protection: in this component both physical and biological soil conservation practices are promoted as well as enhancing awareness of the community on natural resource management

WASH: in this component water points (hand dug wells, on spot spring developments, shallow wells and gravity springs) are developed. In addition Community led total sanitation and (CLTS) is promoted.

 Nutrition: This component of the project contains nutrition education, Exclusive breast feeding for the first 6 months of life and establishing nutrition referral system with government health facilities to support severely malnourished children

 Target Beneficiaries: the project targets 12418 people (2,500 Female, 3,140 small holder farmers, 1678 children and 5,100 community representatives)

Region/s Amhara regional state

Zone/s: South Wollo


Kebele: The project is being implemented in five  kebelles of the wereda namely Kurfit Aregay (01), Debrenigst mariyam (02), Aba Jalie (05), kuyu (07), and Mekane Selasie (10)

Donor : This project is supported by The German Federal Ministry of Economic cooperation and Development (BMZ) in collaboration with Menschen für Menschen (MfM) 

Fantahun Chekol
Fantahun Chekol
Project Coordinator
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Wora Ilu


Household Food Security and Value Chain Promotion: Aimed at improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers through boosting production/productivity and increasing their participation in the market through promotion of Farmers’ Marketing Organizations by applying the value chain approach. The program is expected to contribute the attainment of food availability and affordability at household level and thereby enhancing child wellbeing, growth and development. Thus, since December 2010 the total number of FMOs has reached 64 with 5608(1147F) members and their working capital is reached more than 3,938,046.19ETB.

The household food security & market promotion thematic area addresses

  • Promotion of Farmers’ Marketing Organization (FMOs)/Seed Multiplication and Marketing Cooperatives (SMMC) and Farmers learning Groups
  • Farm diversification and production enhancement
  • Promotion of small scale irrigation
  • Facilitating linkages of smallholder farmers to chain actors and chain supporters in the value chain development of various commodities
  • Capacity building of farmers to enhance production and productivity through introducing improved farming technology, promote appropriate technologies to enhance production and productivity
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